Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wolf Puppies

Wolf Puppies ... photo from Living with Wolves

From Living with Wolves:

With the arrival of spring, tiny pups are born to the alpha pair. They come into the world blind and helpless, barely able to crawl. Each member of the extended family devotes itself completely to the pups, protecting them, making sure they grow up to be strong and beneficial additions to the pack.

The pups in turn, idolize adult wolves in every way. They walk where the adults walk, sniff the flowers the adults sniff and chew  the bones the adults chew, mimicking their every move. In this way knowledge is passed down from the older wolves to the
younger ones.

This knowledge also includes where to dig a safe den, how to hunt and where to cross rivers. The pack's survival depends upon this knowledge. Learning from the adults is how pups develop bonds, learn to communicate and cooperate as a family.

This dedication to family, defines the wolf.

But widespread myth and misinformation, causes these families to be torn apart everyday. The hunting and trapping of wolves and their pups is happening at this very moment, without understanding, thought or compassion, destroying wolf families and undermining this magnificent species' fragile path to recovery.

Living with Wolves is a 501(c)3 non profit that brings education, sound science and understanding to the public so wolves can raise their pups safely today, and for generations to come.

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