Friday, October 28, 2016

Wolf Genealogy Kickstarter Project

Click here to watch the video.

Wolf restoration to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem stirs the imagination of onlookers across North America and the world. Tens of thousands follow their lives, movements, successes and challenges. To know the wolves one needs to know their family genealogies. Each year we produce a chart showing individual wolves and their packs which is available at A long-term history and genealogy was chronicled in my book Charting Yellowstone Wolves (2012 Jim Halfpenny). However, wolf information is dynamic and changes rapidly. In order to keep up with the wolf pedigree we now want to take their lives online. This project will allow thousands of students, teachers and fans immediate access to Yellowstone wolf genealogies online and to produce their own written records.

Contribute to this important project.

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