Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beta-Readers needed for Yellowstone Howling

Finally, the story is told … it’s not a long story … about 70,000 words at present count. (Most novels run 90 - 120,000 words.)

Bear Cubs at Play - May, 2016
The important questions … does it make sense? does it have impact? do you understand what the characters are trying to do and what’s driving them to do what they must do? … are questions only readers can answer.

You are invited to become a beta-reader. At this point, I’m not looking for word-smithing or copy-editing; simply your reaction to the story and the characters. You will receive a suggested list of questions and the beta-reading needs to be done by February 28, 2017
Beta-readers will be acknowledged in the book and receive a free, signed copy when it is released. Limited to the first 20 readers who volunteer. If you are interested in reading this story, send me an email at jwycoff at me dot com.

Story description:

It began as an act of compassion, something of a “why not?” lark: simply two ordinary women trying to help a broken-hearted, guilt-ridden teenage boy. The journey took them to Yellowstone National Park where they discovered wolves, grizzlies, bison, as well as unexpected pieces of themselves. In a land that speaks with many tongues, they discover a secret that changes everything.

Some say the wolves changed the rivers of Yellowstone. Some say life can turn on a dime. They seldom tell you that you probably won’t notice the dime when your life steps on it. And, they almost never tell you that there is a wolf just waiting to change the river of your own life.
Believe it, though. It's true!

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