Friday, December 30, 2016

The end is always the beginning of something new

The morning I heard the howling.
This morning I typed "The End" to the Yellowstone Howling story.

It was just like in the movies … except for the iconic sound of the typewriter keys clicking those last six letters and the kinesthetic feel of pulling that last white sheet from the rollers.

So, I guess it wasn’t much like the movies at all except for the slight blip of adrenaline that signaled “done,” the story told. I'm sitting here now surrounded by friends I've lived with for the past year, friends who have taught me many things and taken me to new places.
Janey: when compassion pulled her away from her ordinary life, she discovered a deep well of courage that carries her into a new one where adventure awaits.
Stella: pain opened a doorway to her past and a pathway to her future.
Jesse: struck by heart-breaking tragedy, he makes a choice that sets this story in motion, a choice that changes everything.

There is one character in the story that did not need fiction. She already was a hero, already a leader, already a rock-star in the eyes of her world. We gave her a name, because that's what we do. Wolf 06f we called her and she became a legend in the world of wolf-watchers. Rick Lamplugh in his tribute to her gives us a glimpse of her life.
I think, of all the characters in the book, I may miss her the most. I already know the others will show up in future books (Jesse is already staring in Mobius Dreamtime which should be out summer of 2017 and Janey is off to Mexico where I know she will find an adventure). 
But, while the legend of Wolf 06f lives on and her genes still roam the woods and valleys of Yellowstone, her story has been told and I know there is little chance that I will spend time with her again. And, that time spent discovering her story has been a gift.
Knowing my time with her is over makes me sad. My only consolation is the hope that my small telling of her story touches people and helps them understand the incredible beauty of the wild world we all came from and lost when we traded it in for safety and the security of full bellies.
I know this ending will lead to new beginnings, but for the moment, I'm just sad.

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