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I live in a fantasy world called life and I’ve lived here a long time, long enough to be called a crone, but I prefer Wisdom Woman. ;-)

Fiction came to me as a gift, shrouded in mystery. When it began, I didn’t know what it was or why I was writing it. I had long believed that I couldn't write it at all. It's arrival startled and fascinated me, so I kept writing. 

First, came a short novel (Sarana's Gift) about a teenager with a tough decision to make who winds up in a fantasy world of gods and goddesses, animals and spirits of the Yucatan. There she finds something that changes everything. (Available in paper and on Kindle at

As much as I loved writing a young-adult novella, I knew I really wanted to write for and about mature women, women who have lived life and still want  more ... more passion, more adventure, more spirit ... more life.

I love the idea of finding something that changes everything, so that has become the theme of a book series with Yellowstone Howling being the first in that series. Each book will be a psychological, ecological journey salted with magical realism and shamanism. Dreams, spirits, mystery, and transcendent places will be featured in each book.

Missy at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA
CLIFF NOTES in case you want to know:
-- I live in Grass Valley, California, with my toy poodle, Missy.  
-- I love stories and always wanted to be a writer. While I've written several non-fiction books, I'm a newcomer to fiction.
-- I never really know where I'm going next (I'm not sure any of us do), but I'm always willing to take the next step. 
-- I've known pain and sorrow and I've known joy and gladness. Both have made me who I am. 

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